Trail report March 2023


I got a call yesterday from a guest in Massachusetts and said she saw that we have snow!   Really?  Does everyone south of Maine not realize that Jackman has snow for riding and ice for fishing until at least the end of March?

Yes the past few years have been sketchy but it seems we are back to olur normal now.   So riding should be good the rest of the season.  The BRC will continue to groom until there is no riding options.

Right now, our trails as well as surrounding club trails are in fantastic condition. You can find their trail reports on facebook.  We had a couple small storms this week, about 3-5 inches in town. Higher elevations usually get more.   Another small storm today and the forecast is for another snow event next weekend.

It’s OK if you do not ice fish, or snowmobile…bring the kids and go sledding or just enjoy some quiet time.  March is typically snowy but not as blustery as January or February.

We still have a couple cabins open in March for the weekends. Plus don’t forget about our mid week discount.