We have sold Cozy Cove Cabins

                                                                                                                                               Today, March 8, 2023 we have sold Cozy Cove Cabins.  We have loved this life, Jackman, the sunsets, the lake, the people we have met and yes, even all the blood sweat and tears we shed working on the cabins so this truly is bittersweet for us.

For those of you who do not know our story, I’ll be brief.   LOL  Probably not
We knew we wanted A Cozy Cove Cabin since 1994.  Did our first search & ended up in NH. The place we wanted sold just before we got there. SO we stayed in NH, then in 2003, sold our house and started our search once again. We looked at almost 80 properties across NE (NH, VT, M& Me), Michigan, and even Texas!
The funny thing is when we saw Tuckaway shores for sale in Jackman, we thought…what is in Jackman? It is so far from everything this can’t be good. .  Then Cozy Cove went on the market,  so we made a trip to check the 2 properties on a very blustery day in February.We looked at Tuckaway first then at Cozy Cove. We made the offer almost the next day.
This was the perfect location, size, and condition for what we wanted to do.
The first 8-10 years was really hard work. Every part of each cabin was touched by us inside and out, a few times even,  to get them to where we are today.  These are old Maine camps; most were brought in from somewhere around Maine and this is what we wanted them to stay. Tearing down and building new is just not who we are. We just had to make them able to tolerate the 4 seasons better and get rid of the 1970 carpets.  The surprises we found under shag carpets and behind paneled walls. It has been a learning experience since day one and definitely a labor of love.  You can read our journal and see our progress over the years in each cabin.  As there are still many things to do here, besides general maintenance, we hope this tradition of sharing continues.
But it is time for us to start the next chapter of our life. There is no plan yet. We will be traveling awhile to see where we want to nest next.
It has been an honor and a joy meeting so many wonderful people.  We have appreciated your patronage and a special thank you to those who keep coming back. Some guests have become great friends and some, even if they only stayed with us a few times, have found a place in our hearts too. You will be missed.
We hope Travis & Heidi enjoy you and this new life as much as we have.

                   This was the last photo we took in the fall with Maggie and Murphy girl is watching on from her happy place.  We hope you remember us fondly.

Email us

Over the past few years, we have had some difficulty using our domain emails  Gmail and other services want validation or the block us to our customers.  This year, they are sometimes blocking the email I’ve used for 19 years, tami@cozycovecabins.com.

Effective this month, please do not use this email, tami@cozycovecabins.com, to correspond with Cozy Cove Cabins anymore.  We do not want to loose you or miss your correspondence with us.  I will respond or forward any emails that come in to this address until the end of March.  This is the email you should add to you contacts for us.


You can still contact us at info@cozycovecabins.com or via the website but otherwise,               this is the best way to correspond with us.



Trail report March 2023


I got a call yesterday from a guest in Massachusetts and said she saw that we have snow!   Really?  Does everyone south of Maine not realize that Jackman has snow for riding and ice for fishing until at least the end of March?

Yes the past few years have been sketchy but it seems we are back to olur normal now.   So riding should be good the rest of the season.  The BRC will continue to groom until there is no riding options.

Right now, our trails as well as surrounding club trails are in fantastic condition. You can find their trail reports on facebook.  We had a couple small storms this week, about 3-5 inches in town. Higher elevations usually get more.   Another small storm today and the forecast is for another snow event next weekend.

It’s OK if you do not ice fish, or snowmobile…bring the kids and go sledding or just enjoy some quiet time.  March is typically snowy but not as blustery as January or February.

We still have a couple cabins open in March for the weekends. Plus don’t forget about our mid week discount.