CP Holiday Train in Jackman


CP Railroad Holiday train stopped in Jackman today. Many locals had the chance to see it all lit up when it arrived around 5am.What an incredible site.

But here is a photo from above (Thanks Bill) during the 30 minute concert.

Hot chocolate, coffee and cookies were free to all. Food and monetary donations made to support the Jackman Food bank. Special shout out to Missy Newman for organizing this. Good job to all that helped and to all that donated!



RIP Maggie Mae

On Saturday morning, Maggie decided to leave us to spend time with her sister Murphy. I laid with her as she struggled and took her last breaths.    She was a sweet girl, always happy to get many petting sessions, treats, and to “lean” on you. Those who have only just met her, did not know her full happy playful self. She is and will be missed.

June 6, 2010 – October 12, 2022