Too cold for the webcam

The temperatures in Jackman did a major plunge this week.  Yesterday in the teens and this morning we woke to a minus 4 with a feels like temp of minus 23.

At 7am our webcam uploaded this image of our frozen lake.

Sadly, at 8am there were no new uploads.  We are not sure what is the problem yet. It has tolerated the freezing temperatures and below zero wind chill in the past so again, not sure where the problem lies.  Stay tuned!

For now, we may just show the same image every day until we either fix the problem or get a new cam.  Not very exciting out there right now anyhow. No ice fisherman yet and no snowmobiles yet.  I will take a couple still images though because the sun shining on the ice and snow is quite pretty.

Happy Holidays 2020

What a crazy crazy year we have had in our country.  We hope you are all doing well, being safe, and recovering from it all.  There is hope in the future.

As most guests who have stayed with us in the past know, we send out Holiday wishes every year to our regulars who come back every year, our new guests, and we even go back to those who have stayed at least once in the past 3 years with us.  This summer we even had a few guests return after not staying here since our early years (2004 and 2007).   Welcome back!

If you did not get a card from us this year, it has either been awhile since we have seen you or you have moved.  SO to one and all, Steve, Maggie, and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous, healthy New Year!

The pandemic continues

It seems every state in the country have seen more and more positive tests.  In some areas, it is hard to comprehend the magnitude of this pandemic. Smaller and rural communities keep to themselves for the most part so the spread is minimal.  But it is happening out there.

SO in the upcoming months., if you plan to visit our small community, this is what the current Maine guidelines from our Governor say:

Maine has three options for visitors to or from other states: 1) getting a recent negative COVID-19 test (further defined below);  2) maintaining compliance with 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine; 3) being exempted from the testing or quarantine requirement if you are a resident of the following states: New Hampshire, Vermont.   Face coverings are REQUIRED by all in any indoor setting.    Thee seems to be multiple options to get tested prior to leaving your state or on arrival.                                                                                       This is what is posted on The Maine Tourism site :
” We urge visitors to “Know Before You Go.” That means getting tested for COVID-19 and receiving results in your home state before traveling to Maine. If you cannot or choose not to get tested in your own state, you can get tested upon arrival. Maine now has Swab and Send PCR test sites available without physician referral in over 30 locations statewide, including the Portland Jetport—where HR Rapid Testing is available for only $25. Be sure to make an appointment in advance so you can travel with confidence.”                                                           More details of Maine guidelines can be found here:

As with this summer guests, people traveled to stay here and in sporting camps all over Maine.  They respected the communities, wore face coverings, brought their own supplies as much as possible. They went fishing, ATVing, boating, and hiking with those in their group. On one weekend this summer, I had 4 or 5 different groups down near the water and all kept their distance, played in the water, but separate from others and yet talked, shared experiences and concerns even,  but simply, they wanted to just enjoy the outdoors.

Winter ice fishing and snowmobilers can do the same thing.

So to make it easiest for those out of state visitors to Maine, get a test, be sure and enjoy the outdoors.

Here is another informative link: