Big Wood Ice Out Contest 2020

Today is April 9th and the above snapshot is from our webcam this morning. As you can see, there is still ice on the lake but our shoreline (yard) is thawed. We have very little snow on the ground today but by tomorrow morning there could be a foot or more of snow. Hopefully that will melt soon after.

This is just a reminder that the deadline to post your guess for our ice out contest is tomorrow. Come on, put in your guess. Have some fun!

March 5th, 2020

It is time for our annual Big Wood Ice out contest.  In 2019, it was on May 9th even though looking at the cam shot below on May 8th, it appeared to be gone.

SO this years history: We have not had tons of snow as we have had in past years so will the thaw produce less run off?  Will the warmer temperatures come sooner?  You never know.  Your guess will be as good as mine. Of course, my guess date remains to be on May 5th and in 2018, I won.  HAHA

So how this will work:
Choose your date and time that you think the ice will go out on Big Wood. Choosing a time is helpful if multiple people choose the same date.  The person closest to the time will win.

Add a comment to this post with your guess. We can only accept one entry per person/email.

The winning date will be what the Town of Jackman records as the ice out date and time for 2020.
The winner will get 50% off one night when they stay with us 2 or more days or 1 full night free if they stay 4 or more days. This discount will expire December 31, 2020.

The deadline to post your vote this year is 8am on April 10th, 2020.  I think it will be the end of April this year so I moved up the deadline date.

Please Note: Only one discount permitted per stay at Cozy Cove Cabins and our same discount rules apply. (payment by check or cash, cabin minimum must be met)

Watch our webcam at for signs of change.


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4 thoughts on “Big Wood Ice Out Contest 2020

  1. JJacobs

    Hey Tami, Steve and Maggie. Cindy, Duke and I are going to guess May 5th at 2 pm. See you guys July.

  2. PAMichaels

    Hey Tammi, Steve, and Miss Maggie,
    Pete and my guess is May 1 at 6 pm
    ( our wedding day )
    Won’t say how long …….🤪

  3. celiej

    I am going to go with April 30th at 7:23 pm
    Fingers Crossed!! : )

  4. Fishin girl

    Ice out.. April 29th at 420pm
    Here fishy fishy

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