Great Fishing in January


This image is our fisherman trying to set his traps in the incredible winds we had… gusts of up to 100 we were told. BRRRR

The ice froze to about 6 inches this week and after the rain, it is now a more solid 8 inches.

This father and daughter team did fantastic right off our shore. She seemed to get the trout and he seemed to get the salmon. I keep telling our guests that ice fishing in January is the best right out front.


Big Wood January 2016


Finally, we believe that Big Wood has frozen enough to be safe….at least safer as I do not know how much ice out there yet. BUT I did see and ice shack get pulled to the other side today and it did not fall in ❗ This is a good thing.

We have a lovely man and his daughter out fishing now. They have stayed fairly close to shore and have done well. I wish they set up their portable shack a little to the right so we could see them on the webcam. 🙁