Webcam view to change


Take a long look at this image of the current webcam view as our webcam will be moving soon to its old place. 😀 The trees are filling in and soon, all you will be able to see is trees so the move back to the old place is in the works. This will give you all a better view of Big Wood Lake.

I cannot wait but be aware, this may take a little time fine tune the technology as well as angles to make it right. Do not be sad if at some point you do not see anything. It is coming ❗

I wonder if we will be able to add the thermometer over there and still be able to see the temperature ❓ Just another fine tuning issue I guess.

We have open water on Big Wood


Another beautiful morning here in Jackman. Are you ready to get your fishing pole out ❓ The water level is high but it is nice to see open water again. Fishing, swimming and boating on Big Wood…:D

Ice out this year was on Tuesday May 5th at 2:15 PM. Below is the snapshot I took from our cam that same morning about 7AM.


Congrats Denise for winning this years Ice Out Contest. See you in August.