Ice out 2014 help


I took this picture this morning to help those of you who have not posted your entry for our Big Wood Ice Out Contest.

But please, do not let what looks like water be deceiving. We had 3-4 feet of ice just last weekend although I am not willing to go out there now to test it. SO what looks like water could be a result of the rain we had or from the melting snow we had.

Cast your vote soon. Deadline for entries is April 15th.

Happy SPring 2014


I took this picture a couple days ago…then we got another few inches. It is amazing me that the snow is not going anywhere. The trail riding the past week or so has been incredible.

I hear others talk about mud season as they are also beginning their gardens. They post images of dirt, mud, green grass. And they only live a few hour south of us. I am a bit jealous I think. 😕

I was told that the ice on Little Big Wood was just thicker then the auger length. Another told us that Big Wood was still over 4 feet thick.

So what do you all think? Will we still have snow in May? June? July? 😯 I think not because when the warm hits, it will probably go fast. Rain expected tomorrow so we will see what happens this week.

Remember to cast your vote on our Ice Out Contest. I am surprised at some of the late May dates but we shall see.

Happy Spring.