Weather update for May 2013


We had a hard frost last night but today, the sun is shining but there is still a bit of a breeze. I am hopeful that it will be warming up.

The forecast calls for possibility of showers next couple days but the weekend looks promising.

The good news for you fisherman: the rain and cooler temps has helped to get a bite.

Ice Out 2013 confirmed


I posted a picture yesterday on our Facebook page around 10 am of Big Wood and by 6pm…it really looked like yesterday was the Ice Out date. It was not. I just confirmed it with the town of Jackman and Ice Out is recorded as being today, May 1st at 3AM.

What crazy people go out at 3 AM to confirm that? I guess someone has to do it.

As for the winner of our contest, no one chose this date but I am thinking maybe Harry, who chose April 30th may still get the win. What do you say ❓