Jackman Trail Report 2-10-13

A snapshot from our webcam this morning. It is a gorgeous day in Jackman.

We received about 4-5 inches of snow from this last nor-easter. Yes more would have been better but since we have a great base, it is enough to make the trails in pretty good shape. The groomers have hit all the trails on our system.
The Northern routes including the border loop are really good.
East to Pittston has been groomed and plenty of snow. The club rerouted the trail for better riding after the freeze. This trail is marked. The intersection to meet ITS 88 will be at the Bald Mountain Road, traveling to Fish Pond then back to meet with the original ITS 88 trail.
89 south is still not a good option. Very icy and thin in areas. Another option to go south though would be to take ITS 88 east and turn onto ITS 87 south, it is reported in good condition.

I have not been able to get decent up to date trail reports from Rockwood or the Forks area but the areas the Border Riders groom is in good shape.

Enjoy the week. More snow is due in this week also.