Girls Hunt Moose Too

An excerpt from our Cabin Journal, Kona, from October 6, 2012

“Got up later then expected. left here around 5am, fueled up and grabbed a mid day snack at Bishops.
Finally arrived to my hunting spot way up yonder. (Can-t say otherwise it won-t be my lucky spot anymore 🙂 hope you understand) Anyways rode 4 wheeler in, shot a couple birds and turned to return to another good spot. While in route I heard the Big Boy in the bushes. Never saw him but heard him. I shut off the wheeler & continued to hear the bushes smash, crackle, & pop all the way down the hill. I stepped into where I heard it last and caught a glimpse of this big boy-I knew he had to be a good size by the smashing he was doing. So I got a good general direction he was heading so I jumped back out to the road in hopes that he would return to the road because where he was headed was fairly thick. And WAA-HOO he stepped back out-grave mistake by his part…BOOM one shot with my 30-ole dropped him dead in his tracks-shot directly to the lungs ❗ After gutting, tugging, staining, & Swearing a few times in between, my husband helped load which was quite helpful.
My Bull Moose has 22 points, 50 inch spread and weighs est 900+ pounds. WOOHOO ❗ Now the real work begins of breaking him down & slappin bullwinkle in the freezer. But for tonight he will hand here at Cozy Cove & time for me to grab some supper & a large tall frosty Bud ❗
-And they say girls can-t hunt ❗ 😆 Jesse from Millinocket Maine

You can see a picture of Jesse and her Bullwinkle in our “Hunting Season” Album on Facebook