Big Wood Ice Out Contest 2012


This is a snapshot from our webcam today, March 19,2012. The past few days it has warmed up quite a bit. It rained yesterday morning and then the sun came out. The snow is melting and the shoreline is pretty soggy. Today is is 53 out and only went down to mid 40s last night. So when will ICE OUT be this year:?: Your guess is as good as mine 😉 Last year it went out officially on May 1st.

We have all had an incredibly mild winter this year for precipitation but it has stayed pretty cold in Jackman. Big Wood has been frozen with a couple feet of ice since the ice fishing season started.

SO let the guessing begin. Whomever chooses the exact date will win. Deadline to cast your vote is April 10th. We chose and arlier deadline this year as I think it will be a lot earlier ice out 🙂 which will also mean an earlier spring and summer season. Get your ATVs ready ❗

So how this will work:
Add a comment to [u]this[/u] post on our blog with your guess as to the date the ice will go out. We can only accept one date per person and do not guess the same date that has already been posted. The winning date will be what the Town of Jackman records as the ice out date for 2012. Whomever chooses that date, will win 50% off one night when they stay with us 2 or more days in 2012. Please Note: Only one discount permitted per stay at Cozy Cove Cabins and our same discount rules apply. (payment by check or cash, cabin minimum must be met, you must mention you saw this on our blog when you make the reservation)

Watch our webcam for signs of change and get your vote in by April 10th. GOOD LUCK

Looking at the town records of the earliest Ice Out date of April 15th in 1945, I think we need to up the deadline date to April 1st 2012. SO hurry and enter your guess ❗

The end of the winter 2012


Yesterday, most of the ice shacks on Big Wood were coming off the ice. This one was the last one I saw standing but within 30 minutes, it was also gone. It was a perfect morning and a beautiful day.

Today it is raining so whatever snow was on the trails, will be gone. Warmer weather due in next week also.

It was an interesting winter and we here at Cozy Cove would like to thank you all for visiting us this year.

Get ready for Spring fishing and summer fun 😀 and watch for the ice out contest that will be posted soon.

Jackman Trail Report 3-12-12

As of yesterday, reports from guests say that the Border loop and up to Pittston Farm run was good. They also did some off trail riding which is also still good. Even though the nights are still cold, the days are definitely warming up, 50s today. The lake is still frozen but with the warming days, the shoreline may get a bit slushy. Trailer up to the clubhouse is an option.
If you want to do some spring riding, this may be the last week for it.

Snowman fun


Special thanks to Aaron and his family for building this wonderful snowman over the weekend. He is huge 😯
I tried to put a nose and mouth in him but the snow is packed pretty hard and I could not get anything to stay. I added the scarf for color.
He may be the last snowman of the year but I have a feeling he will be around for weeks. Even though the sun is shining, it is only around 15 degrees.
Our snowmobile guests over the weekend all said the trails are awesome north of town and of course, ice fishing options the rest of March. Come on up!