Jackman Trail Conditions 1-18-12

After last night snow, the trail-master has stated that the trail conditions to most areas are now “very Good”. Going South from town, there are still some rough areas but are still “fair to good” conditions.

There are a few changes to the trails this year: Near the border, the trail now stays on the western side of 201. Follow signs and stay clear of the windmills; Going south, there is a change to a section near Parlin; and 88 east, a section has been changed near Church Hill Stream. Just follow signage in these areas.

In town trails are good also but I fear after this weekend, it could get rough. The Lake trail is your other alternative to get out there.

The trails in Canada are open but limited. I drove up there yesterday and the ones I could see from the road, looked decent.

Hope to see you soon 🙂