Moose Sighting HERE


Talk about a treat! Seeing this guy walking up our driveway this morning was really a treat. I wanted to shout out and wake all of our guests up to see but I knew he would just run away faster 🙁

We are not in the woods but we have often seen moose and deer prints on our driveway. SO glad I was looking out at the morning at 6:30.

Moose Babe


Although seeing Moose along the road or out on the trails is not uncommon in the area, to see Mom and her baby is a real treat. Keep your distance though when Babes are involved as these Moms get real protective.

Webcam Morning shot


Again, our webcam seems to be going away at times…could be the humidity. So I thought I would post an image from this morning. Steve is there at the dock now, setting up for some guests to go out on the lake.
The skies are blue, the temps are already in the 80s but there is a gentle breeze. Stay cool everyone.

Tragedy in Jackman

As some of you may have heard via the news or on our Facebook page, a terrible tragedy happened in Jackman in the early hours Tuesday morning: the driver of a tractor-trailer truck coming from Quebec, fully loaded with tree-length logs “fell asleep at the wheel” and flipped over, spilling the logs into the bottom floor of a family home, demolishing the ground floor, causing the second story to collapse upon it. While it is devastating to lose your home, this pales in comparison to the most important thing that was lost… and that is the life of one of their four children, their 5-year-old son. “Watching people come together in such a horrific time of sadness has been deeply gratifying and has truly exposed the goodness that exists in our community” as written by Becky Felker.
There will be a [u]Candlelight Vigil this Saturday, July 23rd at 9pm to Sunday 12AM for Liam. [/u] If you are in town, you are welcome to attend. Or you can post a comment below that you will be attending from your own home. More information can be found on Facebook at

Becky also posted:
“Many people want to express their care and concern or offer help, but aren-t sure how to best go about it, so if I may share some things with those on Facebook who may not have received the information in any other way, it may be of some help to some. An account has been established at Skowhegan Savings Bank to receive donations which may be mailed directly to the local branch-s address, which is PO Box 141, Jackman, Maine 04945 or monetary donations may be dropped off at any Skowhegan Savings Bank location. Please designate Mahaney Benefit Fund. For those who would like to send condolences and/or donations directly to the family, please use PO Box 772, Jackman, Maine 04945. If you would like to make a donation of bottled water, milk, juice or paper goods to assist The Mahaney-s and those folks who are caring for them through these next few difficult days, or if you would like to bring food (lunch or dinner), please call Francine Moore or myself (or drop either one of us an e-mail or give a call). Francine has an ongoing sign-up sheet covering the next two weeks of meals. When the family feels ready and when the time is right, a benefit dinner will be organized where we as a community can help the Mahaneys financially and also thank the tireless local Jackman Region Health Center Staff, Volunteer EMS, Volunteer Fire Department, US Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations as well as countless, selfless individuals whom I cannot begin to name nor properly pay homage to in this limited space. Please feel free to re post this note to reach those with whom I may not have Facebook contact. Thank you very much.” Becky Felkner

4th of July Float-2011


A few of our guests got together again and made a float for the Jackman 4th of July parade. Our theme was “Proud to be Polish-American”. We decorated a van with red/white/blue plus some red/white, polish eagle and the American flag:


Mark then drove it [i]backwards[/i] 😯 through the parade route blaring good old fashioned polka music. Laurie dressed up in one of my Polish costumes…she looked so cute, and Kevin, in his Uncle Sam hat and red/white/ and blue. They walked the street in front of the back of the van dancing and waving and tossing candy.


It was a lot of fun and even the kids were clapping to the beat. Did I forget to mention that we also won the “BONK AWARD”?
WOnder what they will do next year ❓

5th Annual 4th of July Potluck


The 4th of July celebration in Jackman will be on Saturday July 2nd this year. (details below) And of course, once again, we will be having our 5th Annual 4th of July Guest Potluck BBQ right after the parade. The parade starts at 4 so hopefully we can get to eating by 530 or so. If you are staying with us, you most likely already received your invite.

July 4th: Below are some pictures from the potluck

Kevin and I setting the tables

Steve firing up the dogs and burgers

Everyone sitting down to an incredible feast

Parade -4pm along Main Street
Potluck at Cozy Cove Cabins beach front- right after the parade
Band and more food to be sold at the Jackman Town Field before the
Fireworks at dusk.

On Sunday July 3rd, there was also a Yard sale sponsored by the JMRRCOC to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.