MAY 2011 QUOTES from our Guests

This sweet couple came her as part of their honeymoon…she writes almost as a poet or at least tells a nice story plus one of her experiences explains why we need to watch where we walk when exploring:

“May 10-13
We came here on our honeymoon. I was so charmed when we came in-this cabin was perfect, especially with the kitchenette and shower. We went waterfall hunting-we found “the Falls” just off N201, the Herald Stream Falls, & the Moxie Falls (S201). We looked for the COld River Falls but could not find it. “The Falls” was the prettiest but Moxie was impressive.
We also went canoeing, exploring Big Wood lake. The 1st day we went to the southern tip of Hog Island. We saw some MASSIVE birch trees, bigger then I-d ever seen. There was also one part that was like a tree cemetery; more fallen trees then standing, in various states of decay., some only half fallen, their strips of bark hanging from the neighbor tree-s branches. Running back across this tip I startled a Mamma Grouse (dunno if it was a ruffed grouse) Suddenly, she was up in my face flapping frantically & hissing. I looked down & at my feet saw her nest, with perfect pearly white eggs laying in the leaves. The mamma continued to circle me & hiss, her feathers all puffed up. I backed up slowly & made a wide detour around her nest. It was a windy day so hard work getting back to camp-520 paddle strokes on my part. Probably over 1000 for the whole excursion.
2nd day went canoeing down to where Attean Pond flows into Big Wood, to see the bridge (K Truss) Calm day, very nice paddling. Well over 1000 strokes there and back. Saw a bunch of loons.
We-ve also enjoyed playing cribbage in the evenings and having dinner “IN”.
Coming here was a surprise from my husband, & I-ve enjoyed it greatly. Had a wonderful Time. “The Boon Team” from Georgia” in Kona, Cabin #9