JANUARY 2011 QUOTES from our Guests

January 17-21
[u]Monday[/u]-Sunny and 1 degree! ~3 of us visiting from Cape Cod. We have been snowmobiling in Jackman for years but this is our 1st time staying in the Cozy Cove Cabins. Great spot ❗ ~ 60 mile this afternoon ❗

[u]Tuesday[/u]-7am 2 degrees & snowing. Snowed all day about 6 inches in town. Just what the trails needed. Another 60 miles this afternoon.

[u]Wednesday[/u]-24 degrees at 7am. 102 mile ride today-The Birches/Rockwood and back. Great day ❗

[u]Thursday[/u]- 6 degrees at 6:30 am-sunny morning! 105 miles today and another route to Rockwood ❗ * My amazing Boyfriend proposed to me here in Jackman! And we are engaged ❗ ❗ ❗

[u]Friday[/u] 6am. Packing up and headed back to the Cape. We had a great time as always and a wonderful stay at Cozy Cove! Thank You ❗
➡ Jayne, Tyler , and David from Cape Cod MA Cabin #4

January 15th
This is our 2nd stay at Cozy Cove but our 1st in the Eagles Nest. This cabin is PERFECT:!: ❗ Greg and the kiddos took a walk across the ice. Checked our some of the neighbors ice traps. They even got to see someone catch a fish. The sun is shining and it should be a wonderful day.
➡ Greg, Dawn Ethan, Bryan, Elaine, Hayley, and Lauren from Maine-Cabin #4