Internet access a success


Mark and Laurie are one of the believers that using cell phones and computers are really not important when they are on vacation in Jackman. BUT there are times when Mark needs to check his email or do something with nascar. This week, he has enjoyed being able to access the internet here in our lobby to do these things. “I do what I need to do then just shut it off and back to enjoying Jackman. This is perfect ❗ Thanks Tami and Steve!”

First week of hunting Season 2010

The first week of Deer season is coming to a close. Our Deer hunters left without success but it seems others in the region did pretty good according to Bishops Store. 9 Bucks this week 😯 Much better results compared to 2009.

We also had a trapper staying with us this week from West Virginia. He is having a fantastic time in our North Maine Woods. This is his first time in the region and is already looking forward to coming back next year.