Meet Maggie Mae!


Most of you who have stayed with us, knew & loved our Murphy girl. She was always there to greet you when you arrived. Well, now, we want to introduce our new pup, Maggie Mae. Yes, I know, at first glance, she does look a lot like Murphy.

She has only been with us for 2 days and is only 3 months old so we are not sure of her personality except that like Murphy, she is definitely curious and just a little defiant. PLUS she is so very lovable too.


Here is a picture of her yesterday styling her new jacket. I am sure she will grow out of it soon.


SO, even though the pictures and videos of Murphy will remain, expect to see many more of Maggie Mae.

Fish Stocking in Jackman

It was a beautiful day in Jackman yesterday. There seemed to be a lot of float plane activity on Big Wood. I wondered what was going on. Later in the morning I stopped over to the Snowmobile/ATV bridge that crosses Moose River to take some muffins to Steve and the guys who were working on it. More planes were flying and I realized, they were stocking the lakes and ponds in the region. (DA) It is sure to be a great Ice fishing season!

Moose season 2010

10-17-2010 update
On the last day of Moose season in Jackman, a regular of ours, Chad, stopped in to show us what he got. Nice job!

Moose season opened yesterday and 2 of our guests came home last night with their prize.


Jordon came in first but they put the bull in the truck head first so a full image was not possible.

Later last night the Beck family arrived with their prize. I took these this morning before they left.

A closeup:

Nice job boys. Both bulls with the first shot! I believe both weighed in over 1000 (with the insides) so about 700-800 without?

Hopefully, we will have a couple more come in today!

Autumn must end

I took these images this morning and I think they may be the last possible shots of the fall colors for this year.This first one is of Moose Point Tavern.

They are no longer open and yet still shows a beautiful presence on the lake.

This second one was taken from our yard-pond 😆 of Hog Island and the mountains beyond. As you can see, the rains we had a couple weeks ago, cause the lake water to rise significantly.

Now I am ready for the leaves to be gone and the snow to fall 🙂
Have a great day to all ❗

Winter is on its way

I think this image says it all ❗


The colors are almost gone, the leaves are falling, the skies are gray (sounds like a song I know 😉 ) but there is still so much beauty around here. When the sun did peak out, it was gorgeous.

But alas, fall must come to an end and winter is to come. Get ready to start singing my “let it snow” song ❗

We got a facelift! got a little bit of a facelift 🙂 Not only does our homepage now offer some easy quick links to our blog, videos and facebook, but also many new pictures have been added throughout the site.

We are having a few technical difficulties with the webcam upload (none that the east coast will notice) but be assured, all should be good in our Big Wood Lake webcam world this week.

Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Thanks Lagunasites for a job well done! You are the best ❗