It is getting cold out


Yes, that is a nice layer of fog over the lake. We cannot even see beyond the dock. It is about 40 degrees this morning but the sun is trying to come up so the fog is lifting.
It will not be long before the leaves all change, then fall and then here comes the snow 🙂

snapping turtles

While mowing the bottom yard (hopefully the last time for the season), Steve and his keen eyes spotted 3 baby turtles working their way down to the water. So cool ❗
This is just one of them which is only about 2 inches.


We cannot figure out where mom nested them but honestly, I am surprised that the neighbor cats did not capture the eggs…or maybe they did as we only saw 3 of them.

Fall 2010 has begun


Our red maples have begun to turn here at Cozy Cove and yet, I think there is definitely more evidence of autumn on Johnson Mountain as well as in Dennistown. (even though both are only about 6 miles from town, both are at a bit higher elevation) Leaf peepers should be arriving soon 🙂

SEPTEMBER 2010 QUOTES from our Guests

September 20
Day 1. Put about 100 miles on our ATVs on the trails-went to the Canadian border and Coburn Mt. We had an excellent tour guide here named Jim. He and his wife Brenda have been coming here for 15 years ❗ We were awestruck by the amount of beauty surrounding us . At dusk, we came across a moose on the trail”-a large female and a huge male ❗ They were amazing”-it was a first for everyone to see moose. We also saw a red fox! Great Day ❗
Chris, Vickie, Russell, and Judy from NJ in Cabin #4

September 9th
We are so grateful to be here to be away form the rat race and enjoy the wilderness of northern Maine. We absolutely love Jackman and Cozy Cove Cabins. Hiking, Kayaking, rock climbing, 4-wheeling, and bear hunting. All have made for a wonderful experience, all the while getting plenty of rest. This trip has breathed new life into us and for that we thank our God in heaven and we thank you Tami and Steve for making our stay here very enjoyable.
Lee and Lori Cabin #8

September 2nd
we had a great stay: great weather, great trails, great scenery, and great people. SO much to do so little time. Well definitely be back.
Kurt and Heather from Palmyra, Me