Goldens always welcome


This is Lacey, a guest who is visiting with us this week. And although we do welcome all dogs here at Cozy Cove, goldens will always have a special place in my heart. This little gal has so many similar characteristics of Murphy Girl that I swear they are related. She is curious, a little defiant, always has one eye on her Mom, kicks her leg when her tummy is scratched, retrieves a toy but does not give it up, when she is told to lay down but does not want to, she makes the same grumpy noise like “ok if I have to”, she is social, wanting to say hi to everyone she sees (not as social as Murphy)and basically a good girl.

Now I am sure, most dogs do many of the same things but there truly is something so similar in Lacey that I am really enjoying her visit. Maybe her Mom will forget to take her home . 😉