Remember when we did not have cell service

Remember when you could only get cell service at Attean lookout? When the running joke around Cozy Cove was that if you went to the end of the dock, raised one arm and one leg, you might get cell service? (watch the video link below)

I miss those days 🙁 as I see cell phones attached to people-s ears around town and around camp or when guests call us from their cabin instead coming over and talking to us in person or when a guests talks on his cell phone more then he talks to his S.O. here while on vacation. What-s up with that ❓

Don-t get me wrong. It really is good that there is the option to use a cell phone when needed but I think using it or a computer while on holiday in Jackman kinda defeats the purpose of getting away from it all doesn-t it ❓