Weather update January 3, 2010

The 4 day storm that passed through Maine left us with plenty of snow. Last night we got about 10-12 inches here in town.
It has been around 30 today with occasional flurries. More snow, possible 3-6, in the forecast for over night and into tomorrow. 🙂
Just the beginning of a great snowmobile season. Come on up ❗ ❗ Reports are coming in that even without the snow, trails in our region have been great, especially north and the Border Riders Loop. This snowfall now is only going to make them fantastic.

2010 Ice Fishing begins

The ice shacks have been on Big Wood for at least a couple weeks now but today begins ice fishing season for 2010. Our guests so far have been doing great. Brian got a huge “fat splake” this morning plus a couple brook trout. They said the ice is at least 10 inches where they are fishing which is just to the right of our cabins. The funny thing is, he called me from the lake. I still cannot get used to the fact that people can use there cell phones up here now 🙄

Nice day for fishing too if you do not mind a little snow. (we already have about 3 or more inches fall) No wind though and it is about 20 degrees out.