Ode to our Murphy

It has been a week since our loss and even though I no longer walk around her bed that is not there, I still catch myself looking where I walk so I do not trip on her toys or holding the door open a few seconds longer as I leave a room. Murphy was always with one or both of us: Judging the floats on 4th of July, helping supervise cabin repair, Kayaking with me, jet skiing with Steve, plus on any road trip.


so it used to be that if I could not find Steve, I just had to look out and see which cabin Murphy was next too. Now, it is harder to find each other. We still miss having her under foot but we are adjusting.

We wanted to thank our families, friends, guests and even those guests we have not met yet, who have emailed, called, or added comments on our Facebook Page for your kind supportive words and memories of Murphy. Although it refreshed our tears each time as you shared stories or pictures of her, your words and memories brought us joy. We know she was loved by many.

“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.”

I would like to share some of the images we have of Murphy since we came to Cozy Cove Cabins. She was a big part of our lives and our best welcoming committee. Many who stayed with us, asked about her before even greeting us…we understood that. SO these 1st two collages are some shots of her and the friends she made.

Murphy loved other dogs, always preferring to be chased. She would run and play for hours with them. Even with the littlest of dogs…she was gentle and sweet.


She often kept watch out for our guests: swimming next to a friend on a kayak, help a guest get their boat out, watching so someone did not get sunburned, or at minimal, be sure they all had a good time. I think her favorite may have been Lilly as she was the only person ever able to get Murphy to drop a ball. 🙂


So as to not overwhelm you, the rest will be on Part 2.