Our Murphy Girl


It is with a sad and very heavy heart that I must share this with you today.

Our Murphy girl fell last week and hurt her leg. Even though she was not bearing weight on her leg, she did not seem to be in any pain. Our vet said to keep her off the leg and see how she did.
We took her in today and the X-ray showed a fracture on the femur, just above the kneecap. This was related to a bone tumor and the cancer had probably already spread. Our choices were to amputate the leg and hope that the cancer had not spread, or to let her go.

It was a horribly hard choice to make but we chose to let her go. This tumor is something that must of been painful for her for a while and yet, we never knew. At 15ish, we thought arthritis was our only concern. Her energy and playfulness was constant and continued even when she could only get around on 3 paws. Just Saturday, only a few days after the fall, she wanted to run and play with a guest dog, which of course, we would not let her do. It would be hard to imagine her life without playing.

Murphy LIVED to play with people, toys other dogs. She was the most gentle lovable dog I have ever met and we know that she will be missed. We know that if there is a doggy heaven, she is probably wishing she could have taken her frisbee 🙂 with her.

We have taken oodles of pictures and videos of our girl and each one is cuter then the next. I have tried to put together a couple collages of our baby girl but can go no further today. Check back later.

All week after her fall, we knew she needed to be near us so we made a bed for her in the office. As she felt better, she would get herself up and lay next to the door when we were out doing cabins. We got concerned that she may do more harm so we let her come with us to the cabins. Even on 3 paws, she insisted on hopping around to be by our side. This is a few of her last week with us