weather report 12-28-09

Yes we did get some rain yesterday but temperatures are already dropping and snow in the forecast for tonight though tomorrow as well as maybe another on NYD. YAHOO!!!!
As for the trails, I am sure the rain hurt them a little but again, with the freeze coming, should make for a fantastic base topped by the new snow.


I was watching WABI radar on the internet and it looks as though the nor-easter that hit the other day below is swinging around and in so that we should get snow starting tomorrow through the 24th. 😀 It is flurrying now but also windy so I am not sure how much will accumulate today. We shall see. Would love to have a white Christmas and add to the base so that you snowmobilers can ride next week.

First Ice shack 2009-10 season

Big Wood Lake is ready for the ice fishing season…at least 4 inches a couple days ago. Today a few ice shacks went out.

I looked out the window this evening and saw this: that ice shack way off by the island, dark and alone and yet so beautiful.


The whitish tint where the shack is sitting is simply the suns reflection on the ice…I did not touch this up. Just beautiful mix of colors this evening.
Enjoy ❗

Webcam update 12-16

We were having some technical difficulties with our cam but I believe things are working again. I know how many love to watch this to see what the weather is doing and we do apologize if you missed your daily fix of Jackman weather. 🙂


And yes, the lake is frozen over but not safe to get out the ice shacks yet. This cold weather and winds we are having today though should help

Webcam is down

Due to technical difficulties (I think a router) the webcam will be down. We apologize for this and will get it back up asap! In the meantime, I will post images here as to what is happening outside.

I took this one this morning around 7am. The sun is not quite up and shining yet but as you may be able to see, another 3+ inches fell last night. The lake is also starting to freeze over.


Webcam December 12, 2009

It is a beautiful day here in Jackman, as long as you stay inside! The sun is out, the skies are blue, it is about 18 degrees but still very windy making the chill factor probably below zero. Ice is starting to build up on the lake but the wind is pushing it to shore. Here is a shot from our cam today.
I am telling you all of this because our webcam has been acting up the past couple days and we are not yet sure why. Some in town have had internet issues with Fairpoint so is it a line? or is it the cam? We apologize either way and will resolve this soon. I hope.

Nor-easter 10am on 12-9

As most of the states are seeing, a big winter storm is passing through. This Noreaster is just arriving in Jackman. It is too cold to go out and take the picture but I did get a shot from our webcam just now.


As you can see, the lake is getting a top coat of ice already also. YEAH 🙂