SNOW 11-28-09

IT SNOWED last night! YAHOO!!!! The first snow of the season really. About 3-4 inches of heavy wet snow. I hope it stays and we have begun our winter season. SO happy…even though the sun is not up yet, so pretty. Good luck hunters today. The snow should help!

Deer Season 2009

I checked out Bishops Store, where all the bucks are tagged, and looks like less tagged this year so far compared to last year but MUCH BIGGER BUCKS. Ray said 12 weighed in over 180#.
They are now in rut though so expect that more to come. Still have some openings if you hunters want to get your Buck for 2009!

Cell service 2009

Although I am not too happy 🙁 about now having to see people in the store or at the pub with a phone connected to their ear, most of the visitors to Jackman will be happy 🙂 to know that a new tower went up and cell service is now possible in town.

My understanding is that not all cell phones will work though depending on what service you have. I think it is any that is related to Verizon are ok. For example, Unicellular will not work as it is related to AT&T.

NOW for those of you who have nejoyed the fact that you could not get cell service here: so you do not have to feel guilty when you do not answer it or if you like that the kids are not on the phone your whole vacation, we can fix that. Don-t tell the kids or your spouse and if that fails, I can lock it up here in a lockbox during your stay so you will not be tempted to answer it. 😉