Steeler Fan 2009 blog discount

As most may know, I am a die-hard Steeler fan…growing up near Pittsburgh and going to college in Pittsburgh, I had no choice! Even though we do not usually get to see the game, I wear my colors on every game day.


Last year, we offered a discount for anyone wearing a Steeler shirt on Superbowl weekend. Of course, no one did so we thought we would offer this for the whole 2009 football season. It is not a huge discount but every penny helps. Plus it is fun to see who else is a fan.

Here-s the offer: for anyone wearing a Steeler shirt or jacket [u]on arrival[/u], they will receive $5.00 off their stay with us. No credit cards can be accepted for this to be valid. This offer will run from now until the end of the regular season. Unless, of course, the Steelers make it to the Superbowl again, then we may need to offer something even better. 💡

And yes I am a fan of the Patriots also, that is unless the Steelers are playing. 😉