August 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

August 1
On our arrival, we were welcomed whole heartily by Tami & Murphy. Our stay here was wonderful. The Jester is very quiet and cozy. We rented a boat for a day. Only a few small fish 🙁 but was well worth the sightseeing. Randy & Mike fished next to the trestle. One day we traveled to Greenville. Went to the B-52 site. Two moose spotted ❗ ❗ Unfortunately we did try to make our way to Pittston Farm-the middle of 20 mile road is in bad shape. Almost impassible. Our last day we took a ride to St Georges Canada. Beautiful scenery and another moose just outside of Jackman. Randy, Miky and myself just want to say Thanks to Tammi Steve and Murphy for being gracious host and we sincerely thank you. Randy-s favorite saying this week. “I LOVE THIS PLACE, I DON-T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ❗ ❗ “
Thanks from Mike Vikki and Randy from Hubbardston MA Cabin #1
PS The SCHMOOSES was a great place to eat great food, great hospitality. Give them a try.

ATV Rodeo and Comedy Show

Even though the last post I said I hope it would rain, I hope that it does not during the day tomorrow.

he Border Riders Club is sponsoring their annual ATV Rodeo at the clubhouse. Already, lots of quads in town.
Then tomorrow night is the Bucky Lewis Comedy show at Hillcrest sponsored by the Jackman Region Chamber of Commerce. Bucky was here in February and although it is definitely an adult show, we laughed the whole night. This time, we will be able to have some spirits along with the show 🙂
Fun-filled day ❗

Travel tidbits

We often get asked how far to Jackman from wherever or how many miles by quad or snowmobile. SO below are some mileage and travel time information for you. These are not exact but should give you a good idea.

Travel time to Jackman by Car:
Boston MA: 5 hours
Providence RI: 6.5 hours
Hartford CT: 7 hours
NY, NY: 9 hours +

Mileage by ATV from Jackman
Forks ➡ 40 miles
Rockwood ➡ 40 miles
Greenville ➡ 100 miles
Pittston Farm ➡ 60 miles
Canadian Border ➡ 25 miles

Mileage by Snowmobile from Jackman
Rockwood:arrow: 42 miles
Canadian Border ➡ 22 miles
Forks ➡ 45 miles
Kokajo ➡ 66-75 miles
Eustis ➡ 76 miles

No humidity in Jackman

Down in Skowhegan this morning about 9am is was so HUMID-I wish I knew what the temp and humidity was. The air felt thick and hazy. But as I drove home,up 201, I could feel the air getting cooler and the skies bluer.
SO now, it is about 1PM and the sun is out, the skies are clear (scattered white clouds) and although warm out, it does not feel humid at all.

Now, if you go to Bishops Store-s Weather station, it is posted as 65 with humidity at 92ish%. 😕 Why is that? Probably because that is in town, a lot of pavement, and not on the lake. I am so glad we are here ❗