Mystery animal-the answer

On the 25th, I posted an image and asked what you all thought may have done that.
Well, the answer is………


WOW 😯 I have never seen a snapping turtle here before and yet, I understand this is not uncommon. Thanks to Joan and family, we have proof.

June 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

June 27th
“Thank you for the great hospitality. Your best western is the perfect get away for busy moms and dads to get some peace and quiet We haven-t had this much fun since our honeymoon ❗ The canoe ride was awesome. Maybe getting stranded on the island during the thunderstorm wasn-t an accident but [i]what happens in Jackman stays in Jackman [/i] ❗ “
Kurt and Jen from Manchester Cabin 5

June 25-28 (I needed to shorten the entry)
…”Paddle boats this am-fun ❗ Now the thunder is starting back up so we will just head off to the grocery store and pick up more good food. …We did find a fairly big snapping turtle down by the dock in the early morning and took some photos. …Sun has returned ❗ 6-27 We drove toward Rockwood and Greenville yesterday and saw a moose on our rainy drive. As we passed all the cabins in Rockwood I remembered how loud and shaky they are at night with the logging trucks passed by ❗ Much more peaceful here in Jackman 🙂 Greenville was full of tourist shopping in the rain, including us. We returned to dinner at BIGWOOD-Great ribs ❗ …Our dog Clementine had an awesome vacation here, She found several friendly dogs to swim and run with. …Sammy (9yo)found new friends up here to swim and explore with. These cabins are really family friendly ❗ ” Joan, Dave, Rachel and Sam Cabin #1

June 29
The best place to stay in Jackman Maine. I found these great cabins by word of mouth through my parents when me and my wonderful wife got married we came for our honeymoon in 07 in cabin #6. This year, we just had to come back. Had a baby in between so couldnt come in 08. Cabin #5 this year was great in the Best Western. Water nice and hot, sweet porch, nice wood finish, and the hot tub was great to soak in before bed-very relaxing. Best place to eat in town MaMa Bear for breakfast and Big Wood Steak house both right at the top of the road. We greatly appreciate everything up here at Cozy Cove. Always a good time no matter what. Thank you so much for the great hospitality! It was such an honor and a pleasure to spend our Mommy & Daddy time away here at Cozy Cove. We will me making many more trips back.
Derek and Lisa from Leeds Maine

Doogie saves Lilly

Well, no, Doogie did not really save Lilly, nor did he need to but it sure looked like he wanted to.


Steve took Lilly for a paddle boat ride and then once by shore, she jumped off the back side of the paddle boat and started to swim in. Doogie, her dog, ran to the edge of the dock and stood there, one paw in the air, waiting for his Lilly to come in safely.
I guess you had to be there 😉

Summer Vacation in Jackman

If you are planning your summer vacation at Cozy Cove Cabins, here are some more tidbits of information about the area for you.
➡ There is a fishmonger in town on Friday afternoons selling lobster, crab, and other fresh seafoods. Just ask ask for a lobster pot.
➡ On Wednesdays, a local farmer brings there fresh veggies up to sell. TO add to your “organic” needs, we also have a small herb garden here-just cut what you need.
➡ New restaurant opened this summer-Hillcrest-we have not been thee yet but reports so far is good.
➡ Bigwood Steakhouse, up the road from us is now open for lunch on the weekends. Their smoked brisket sandwich is worth trying!
➡ The Historical Society have been opening up the museum on the weekends
➡ If the kids like to do Karaoke, Schmooses offers this on certain days early in the evening. This is not only fun for the kids but we enjoyed watching them 😆
I cannot think of anything else right now but there are always various events going on that may appeal to some of you. Of course, we also have the lake for water fun 🙂

Mystery animal

See the dug out area in this photo ❓


What animal do you think did this ❓ And no, it was not our angel Murphy 🙂 She never digs….

Our guests saw this animal this morning and did get a photo of it digging. I will post a photo of the real animal next week. But I am curious what your imaginations may come up with. I know I was surprised 😮

The sun shines on

It has been a bit rainy the past few days but mostly at night. During the day, it is has only drizzled and was overcast.

The other night, about 8PM, the sky was very dark. I looked down at the lake and just as the sun was trying to go behind the mountains, the sun shown bright on our dock. It was a beautiful site and definitely a Kodak moment. Of course, by the time I got shoes, my camera and ran down to try and capture this, the sun kept creeping lower but I think this picture gives you an idea of what I meant.


Jackman Events 2009

WOW…there seems to be a lot of things going on around town this summer. Besides the regular annual events of horseshoe tournaments, ATV Jamboree, and 4th of July old fashioned fun, I just heard that the Sled Dog Club is trying to have a Cardboard Box Boat Race….I think in August. The Border Riders Club is trying to organize and ATV endurance Rally (similar to the Snowmobile 3 day race that took place in Canada this winter that 2 of our Jackman boys won) in the fall. Jackman is also supporting vets in various ways this summer with lodging and ATV discounts, the JMRRCOC 4th of July Float will be made in their honor, and various happenings for the disable vets also.

Most events are on the JMRRCOC web site. Just click on the events page.

Have a great summer

ATV Trails in Jackman

Reports are coming in from our guests who have been out on the trails in the region. There are some wet areas north past the Border Riders Club but most people enjoy that as otherwise, the trails are very dry. You know, some like to get muddy too 🙂
The trails to the south of town are a bit more bumpy then some liked. And going east, most said they are great.

All in all, people are having a great time riding and the trails will only get better.

They are revamping the access trail that we use to access the trails from here so our guests have permission to ride up Spruce street until this is completed. A reminder though to everyone using this route: you must go slow and stay to the right. Please respect those residents on the street.
Happy riding