Jackman 2009 ATV season coming soon!

Kevin, owner of Maxx-s ATV Rentals in town, went out to explore the ATV trails last weekend to assess what needs to be done for the season. He said they are looking to be in great shape so far and if spring is not too wet, they should be good to go by Memorial weekend. ANother thought to consider that even if the trail system in the region is not open yet, you could contact a land management company here in town and get a permit to ride. There are some great fishing spots out there!

Of course, there is always things to do to get the trails ready so if you are interested in helping the club prepare for the summer 2009 season, contact Maxx-s ATV Rentals or the Border Riders Club.

So get out your ATV and give us a call to reserve your cabin this summer. Do a little riding then take a swim in the lake then sit by a campfire and enjoy your family and friends 😀 Now that sounds fun!