Colors of “Mud Season”

Steve and I went to Augusta this weekend to help the chamber booth at the Maine Sportsman Show. What a great turnout it was. Lots of things to see and learn. If you have never been, try to go next year.
Anyhow, on the way home, it was raining and so dreary out. The snow down river is gone and the trees are dark, the grass is brown. Kinda depressing.:(
Then as we started coming up 201, it changed. Maybe it was around Johnson Mountain, after the Forks, even though it was still raining and dreary, somehow it did not seems depressing. Still a little snow in the woods as we drove and there was more green to see as there are more Pine trees up this way.
Then as we pulled in our driveway-GOD IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME- we saw the white birch trees, still saw piles of snow and the lake, still frozen, was still white. Maybe that whiteness from the frozen lake reflects the sky differently because even though it was drizzling a little overcast, it was bright and cheery. The ice on the shoreline had a pretty pale blue tone to it. NOTE: it rained last night so that pretty blue tone is gone as the shoreline now has a bit of muddy appearance thins morning. Water is rising!

Maybe the only reason I saw the beauty as we got closer to Jackman is that it was just good to be home but I think that even though Mud season is never really fun, it seems to be more tolerable up her because there is more color.