March 2009 QUOTES from our guests

March 15
Thanks so much for a great weekend. I love the changes you made to the cabin. This is the first cabin I stayed in when John brought me to Jackman for the first time. What a difference ❗ The cabin is much more warm and cozy. We can-t wait to come up again ❗
Thanks Jen and John Cabin #9

March 2
“…Saturday night the trails were a little rough. The lake was pure murder. Sunday morning the trails were a lot smoother. We road up to Pittston Farms. With logging the trail was different from last year so we got a little turned around but finally made it. Worth the effort to get there. It-s really unique place that was interesting to check out with a museum, storm and even a family restaurant…PS-Jon wrote the date so he stole the pen :)” Deb in Cabin #2