Happy Spring 2009

I guess it is the first day of spring somewhere but not here in Jackman. Yes it really is a gorgeous day out….the skies are blue and the sun is shining bright, but still kinda cold out there. I still needed to put on some gloves to walk around the camps, especially in the shade.
It does seem that some of the snow has melted a bit but there is still plenty to ride. Below is the latest trail report we received today. Time for one last HURRRAH! for the winter riding. BTW- Ice fishing is still good too as our lake is still frozen solid.

Snowmobile Trail Updates Friday, March 20, 2009
2:42 PM

Trails should be ok, in-town probably very thin, the bog rough.

ITS 89 North, ITS 89 South, ITS 88 to Rockwood, Border Riders North

Groomers went on ITS 89 North and South on Wednesday night. We are playing the grooming schedule by ear. Trying to make sure we go out if it looks like its going to freeze.

The trails are all still open, maybe some bad spots so use caution.

Border Riders North trail will probably be in the best condition, as the snow was very abundant this winter.

Regardless, the off trail riding is awesome, especially on the unplowed woods roads. People my have to trailer to the clubhouse to avoid some of the trouble areas.

We at Jackman Powersports have had no complaints, so with that in mind, keep on sledding!

Oh, and if anyone does hear of trouble areas let Dave know thanks so much.