March 2009 QUOTES from our guests

March 15
Thanks so much for a great weekend. I love the changes you made to the cabin. This is the first cabin I stayed in when John brought me to Jackman for the first time. What a difference ❗ The cabin is much more warm and cozy. We can-t wait to come up again ❗
Thanks Jen and John Cabin #9

March 2
“…Saturday night the trails were a little rough. The lake was pure murder. Sunday morning the trails were a lot smoother. We road up to Pittston Farms. With logging the trail was different from last year so we got a little turned around but finally made it. Worth the effort to get there. It-s really unique place that was interesting to check out with a museum, storm and even a family restaurant…PS-Jon wrote the date so he stole the pen :)” Deb in Cabin #2

Jackman Trail report 3-24-09

Don-t put your sled away yet. Everyone who stayed with us this past weekend said the trails are still the best. Some road about 200 miles in one day.

They are still going out to groom the trails and will do so as long as there is enough snow. Groomers went out on the Border rider trail last night and said that trail is excellent still. There could be some areas on the corners that may be icy so just use caution.
So come on up this weekend for another “last hurrah!” Probably at least one good weekend left to ride, maybe more if mother nature dumps on us again. You just never know πŸ˜•

Remember if you do ride, even though many of the lakes are still quite frozen, the shorelines may begin to get wet so use caution on any body of water.

Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race

I personally have never heard of this race but two of our local boys entered this race and came in FIRST PLACE ❗ ❗ ❗

Everyone in town is so very proud of them. There are signs up all over town with their number 31.

This race runs day and night and is about 1500 miles long. Visit their website to find out more.

Happy Spring 2009

I guess it is the first day of spring somewhere but not here in Jackman. Yes it really is a gorgeous day out….the skies are blue and the sun is shining bright, but still kinda cold out there. I still needed to put on some gloves to walk around the camps, especially in the shade.
It does seem that some of the snow has melted a bit but there is still plenty to ride. Below is the latest trail report we received today. Time for one last HURRRAH! for the winter riding. BTW- Ice fishing is still good too as our lake is still frozen solid.

Snowmobile Trail Updates Friday, March 20, 2009
2:42 PM

Trails should be ok, in-town probably very thin, the bog rough.

ITS 89 North, ITS 89 South, ITS 88 to Rockwood, Border Riders North

Groomers went on ITS 89 North and South on Wednesday night. We are playing the grooming schedule by ear. Trying to make sure we go out if it looks like its going to freeze.

The trails are all still open, maybe some bad spots so use caution.

Border Riders North trail will probably be in the best condition, as the snow was very abundant this winter.

Regardless, the off trail riding is awesome, especially on the unplowed woods roads. People my have to trailer to the clubhouse to avoid some of the trouble areas.

We at Jackman Powersports have had no complaints, so with that in mind, keep on sledding!

Oh, and if anyone does hear of trouble areas let Dave know thanks so much.

Sled Dog Race Action 2009

What a beautiful day for the Northeast Championship Sled Dog Races. It is a balmy 0-10 and only a slight breeze but the sun is out and the skies are clear. I went out to the races this morning and watched the 4 dog race off of one of the trails on Holeb Road. Here is an action shot. I followed these 2 and caught the one behind pass the first team on the curve. Nice maneuver ❗


Jackman Trail Report 3-13-09

Although I do not have an official report from the trail master, some guys I spoke to last night said the trails are “AWESOME” ❗ ❗ I think that says it all. Plus read on for another shot taken 3-14


The sled dog races begin today and you will find detours around the clubhouse to snowmobile. But here is a shot of some riders who stopped into the Border Riders Clubhouse to warm up and get a bite to eat, and maybe catch a little bit of the races.
Today-3-14 we rode out by Gander Brook to try and watch the sled dog races from there and while waiting I took a shot of the trails. EXCELLENT conditions to ride.

Jackman Maine Weather 3-6-09

On the news this morning, they said that we should get from 1-4 inches when it is all done. Well, it is 9AM and we already have about 4 inches of wonderful light snow. And it is still snowing hard.

If you are driving up today, drive slow and be safe!

Jackman Snowmobile Trail Report 3-5-09


As you can see, there is still plenty of snow on our trails.

Groomers went last night on all the trails in the Jackman Region and will go tonight with reports all favorable for great conditions. Watch for icy corners.

This shot was taken a top Coburn Mountain last week but a guest just sent it to me. What incredible views ❗


Jackman Weather 3-2-09

I am sure you all know that a Nor-easter is in motion at this time. Concord NH already got a foot of snow, said a guest who is to arrive here tonight.
It seems, depending on who you believe, we will either get 4 inches or over a foot. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Either way, Jackman still has excellent snowmobile conditions. Come on up!