Jackman Trails-SNOW 1-29

The snowstorm that hit New England yesterday was to bring us 2 feet. Not sure what we got but I do know that we are running out of places to push it all.


TRAIL REPORTS coming in from the Border Riders and our guests for the region as of 1-28 are all EXCELLANT ❗ What else can I say. If you want to ride some of the best trails in New England, you need to come here.

I spoke to a man from Rhode Island last week who has been coming up to Jackman for 20 years. He said he has been all over New England and keeps coming back here as often as possible, BECAUSE: “Jackman simply has the best trail system: the trails are wide, there are a variety of terrain so whether I come with the guys or my family, we all have a great experience, the best scenery, the best grooming in all of New England. Anything south of Jackman just does not compare”