January 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

Although there have been some great entries in our journals this month, they all are pretty much the same: AWESOME 🙂 Trails; great Ice Fishing-most are getting large splake and trout; Wonderful Hospitality; good food at the nearby restaurants; family fun; fun with friends; wildlife seen; ETC… but this entry below kinda summed it all up. It is quite long but really says it all.

January 23-26
“We came up for a snowmobile weekend four our daughter Lauren-s 16th birthday. We also brought our dog Honey. This is our second trip to [url]Cozy Cove Cabins[/url]. The first trip was 4 years ago for Trent and I-s 1st wedding anniversary. We stayed in Zakopane the -wee- 2 person cabin. We had such a wonderful time that a 4 day trip turned into a 7 day trip. Tami and Steve were fabulous so…we couldn-t think of a better place for a special “sweet 16” for Lauren. Upon arrival we were greeted with a warm “Hug” 🙂 from Tami and a clean warm cabin. We look forward to a simple weekend away from the daily hustle and bustle to get back to the basics of family time.
Had dinner at SCHMOOSES, very good. Stayed up late playing cribbage and dancing around the cabin.
January 24
We took a snowmobile ride today at minus 10.It was cold but we made it from here to Greenville and back. 176 mile t5rip. We saw 1 deer just outside of Jackman. Ate at the FOUR SEASONS-simple but good ❗ Now staying warm in the cabin. Trails were great but will dress warmer tomorrow.
January 25
Dress4ed warmer today-Temp at 5 degrees at 9am. We rode to PITTSTON FARM. Saw 4+deer and had an excellent lunch there. Trail conditions were excellent. Rode from Pittston farm to Rockwood via trail 66. Fueled at “the Stop” and warmed up with a cup of coffee. Rode back to jackman via 88. We saw two moose, a large cow and what looked like this years baby. Met the groomer from the forks-a very friendly fellow with a great sense of humor. Had dinner in the cabin. We have had another wonderful stay in our clean warm “cozy cabin” ❗ ❗
Thanks again Tami and Steve
PS We hung our towels and had more than enough for our 3 night stay-We are also concerned about conservation. We decided not to try the 2 in the shower thing after all, trent is a large man and Lauren did not want to “hold the light” Lauren is still rocking and holding Mildred in the corner-don-t think she-ll ever recover………..(these comments in the PS were in reference to other things that our guests wrote so unless you stayed in Indio, you will not get this)
January 26
So, today is my birthday and the weekend was great. We snowmobiled most of the time but we were very excited to come back when we got cold. And every night was a new adventure from playing cribbage to dancing around the cabin at midnight. I had a great time and this was a great place to celebrate my 16th birthday. Thanks again…Love Lauren
PS. For all you honeymooners, I believe the campo is soundproof because noone heard our bad music, my mom dancing or my step dad snoring