Jackman Trail Report January 7,2008

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 12:13 PM
It is snowing pretty hard at this time. Reports are that we could get from 10-15 inches so the groomers will be going out tonight to make the trails tip top for weekend riders. Come on up-the trails are fantastic.

ITS 89 North – Trails are nice and flat, hard packed. Just watch for areas where the groomer has filled in water spots.

ITS 89 South Trail conditions are very good.

ITS 88 to Rockwood Conditions are still good, reports are coming in favorable. Just watch for water holes.

Border Riders North Is in very good condition.

Some reminders:

➡ Sled dog races are this weekend I will keep you posted as to what trails will be effected.

➡ Again, remember do not snowmobile on plowed roads, especially Bald Mountain and use caution on the Rockwood trail signs are still being placed.

➡ ALL SMALL ENGINES: Be sure and pick up a bottle of Marine Sta-bil, for example. Used for ethanol problem fighter as an additive to gas.

Extra Corrosion Protection & Fuel System Cleaning
For Optimal, Everyday Performance & Protection
Recommended to be used at Every Fill Up, Not Just for Seasonal Storage
Over FOUR TIMES the Fuel System Cleaner in Regular STA-BIL
Use in ALL 2 & 4-cycle marine engines, in gasoline, gasoline/oil
mixtures and ethanol blends

Personally, I, Tami, do not quite understand all this but you do not want your snowmobile engine to cease up. Check with your local auto parts for more information before gasing up.

Todays Calendar Winner for the Border Riders Club Raffle

1/7 – Bill Barker of Jackman $ 250.00