Jackman Trails-SNOW 1-29

The snowstorm that hit New England yesterday was to bring us 2 feet. Not sure what we got but I do know that we are running out of places to push it all.


TRAIL REPORTS coming in from the Border Riders and our guests for the region as of 1-28 are all EXCELLANT ❗ What else can I say. If you want to ride some of the best trails in New England, you need to come here.

I spoke to a man from Rhode Island last week who has been coming up to Jackman for 20 years. He said he has been all over New England and keeps coming back here as often as possible, BECAUSE: “Jackman simply has the best trail system: the trails are wide, there are a variety of terrain so whether I come with the guys or my family, we all have a great experience, the best scenery, the best grooming in all of New England. Anything south of Jackman just does not compare”

January 2009 QUOTES from our Guests

Although there have been some great entries in our journals this month, they all are pretty much the same: AWESOME 🙂 Trails; great Ice Fishing-most are getting large splake and trout; Wonderful Hospitality; good food at the nearby restaurants; family fun; fun with friends; wildlife seen; ETC… but this entry below kinda summed it all up. It is quite long but really says it all.

January 23-26
“We came up for a snowmobile weekend four our daughter Lauren-s 16th birthday. We also brought our dog Honey. This is our second trip to [url]Cozy Cove Cabins[/url]. The first trip was 4 years ago for Trent and I-s 1st wedding anniversary. We stayed in Zakopane the -wee- 2 person cabin. We had such a wonderful time that a 4 day trip turned into a 7 day trip. Tami and Steve were fabulous so…we couldn-t think of a better place for a special “sweet 16” for Lauren. Upon arrival we were greeted with a warm “Hug” 🙂 from Tami and a clean warm cabin. We look forward to a simple weekend away from the daily hustle and bustle to get back to the basics of family time.
Had dinner at SCHMOOSES, very good. Stayed up late playing cribbage and dancing around the cabin.
January 24
We took a snowmobile ride today at minus 10.It was cold but we made it from here to Greenville and back. 176 mile t5rip. We saw 1 deer just outside of Jackman. Ate at the FOUR SEASONS-simple but good ❗ Now staying warm in the cabin. Trails were great but will dress warmer tomorrow.
January 25
Dress4ed warmer today-Temp at 5 degrees at 9am. We rode to PITTSTON FARM. Saw 4+deer and had an excellent lunch there. Trail conditions were excellent. Rode from Pittston farm to Rockwood via trail 66. Fueled at “the Stop” and warmed up with a cup of coffee. Rode back to jackman via 88. We saw two moose, a large cow and what looked like this years baby. Met the groomer from the forks-a very friendly fellow with a great sense of humor. Had dinner in the cabin. We have had another wonderful stay in our clean warm “cozy cabin” ❗ ❗
Thanks again Tami and Steve
PS We hung our towels and had more than enough for our 3 night stay-We are also concerned about conservation. We decided not to try the 2 in the shower thing after all, trent is a large man and Lauren did not want to “hold the light” Lauren is still rocking and holding Mildred in the corner-don-t think she-ll ever recover………..(these comments in the PS were in reference to other things that our guests wrote so unless you stayed in Indio, you will not get this)
January 26
So, today is my birthday and the weekend was great. We snowmobiled most of the time but we were very excited to come back when we got cold. And every night was a new adventure from playing cribbage to dancing around the cabin at midnight. I had a great time and this was a great place to celebrate my 16th birthday. Thanks again…Love Lauren
PS. For all you honeymooners, I believe the campo is soundproof because noone heard our bad music, my mom dancing or my step dad snoring

Steelers Fans Discount

Yahoo!!!The Steelers won the AFC Championship last night which means they will be going to the SUPERBOWL.


So in honor of that game and the fact that I am and will always be a Steeler fan (born with it I think), for those of you are staying with us that weekend, wear your Steeler shirt or bring your terrible towel on check in and you will receive $5.00 off your stay.

Warmer temps and more snow in Jackman

Was it supposed to snow today? I looked at a couple of the internet weather things the other day and I did see 30% chance of snow for tonight but it is about noon and already there is an easy 2 inches on the ground…maybe more. And it is still snowing at a pretty fast clip.

The other good news is the temperature right now is above zero…well only 3 but still above zero. And there is no wind. SO it really is a nice day ❗

Jackman Weather 1-16-09

WOW ❗ It warmed up 😆
This morning around 6am it was about a minus 38 out side. But now, around noon, it is a [i]”balmy”[/i] minus 5. The sun is out and again, we are thankful there is no wind ❗ Our guys are out fishing and riding. Bundle up


It is still a little too cold out though for the paws of a dog so this is what the in style golden retrievers are wearing these days.

Mid Week Special for January 2009

For the month of January, rent a cabin for 3 nights (Sunday through Thursday) and we will take 50% off the 3rd night stay ❗

For those who ride in the region often, you know that even on the busiest weekends, you can ride the trails and not see many people out there but if you like to ride and not see anyone, come up during the week. The trails are in excellent condition.

Jackman Trail report / Cabin discount

We are still getting reports of incredible trail conditions for snowmobiling in Jackman. Groomers are going out about every other night or whenever there is a snow and keeping them in tip top condition.
We have had a few snowfalls since the last report and the weather is very cold which is keeping the trail in peak conditions. More snow due this week plus some really cold temperatures, so bundle up and try to ride during the day. Looks like the lowest daytime temp will be -11 to 1 above on Thursday.

Snowmobile Trail Updates from Missy at the Border Riders Club
Tuesday, January 13, 200912:55 PM

Trails are in good condition.

Important notice:
Reports that snowmobile engines are blowing up in this area are not correct. I guess the county has lost quite a few sleds, but we have not. I thank our gas distributors for communicating well with the public. Just remind your customers not to use heat, use Marine Stabil with fill up, keep their tanks full at night and be sure that wherever they are pumping gas that the pumps have micron filters. This should take care or any problems.

ITS 89 North – Groomers went last night and will take tonight off. Trails are great!

ITS 89 South Groomer went last night and will take tonight off. Trail conditions are very good.

ITS 88 to Rockwood Groomer went last night and will take tonight off. Conditions are still good, reports are coming in favorable.

Border Riders North Groomer went last night and will go tonight. Is in very good condition.

In Town Trails Groomers went last night and will take tonight off, they should be in good condition.

Again, remember do not snowmobile on plowed roads, especially Bald Mountain and use caution on the Rockwood trail signs are still being placed.

Todays Calendar Winner
1/13 Wayne Day of Auburn, ME $ 250.00

On another note: For those who ride in the region, know that even on the busiest weekends, you can ride the trails and not see many people out there (“Leave the crowds behind”) but if you like to ride and not see anyone, come up during the week. Ask about our mid week special at Cozy Cove Cabins:)

Fantastic Day to play January 10-08

Snapshot from our webcam this morning ❗


What more can I say about the weather this fine day. It is cold, about 5 degrees but the sun is out and there is no wind 🙂

The ice fisherman are heading out and the snowmobilers are revving up the sleds. Plus the sled dog races start today at 9. What a great day in Jackman.

Jackman Trail Report January 7,2008

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 12:13 PM
It is snowing pretty hard at this time. Reports are that we could get from 10-15 inches so the groomers will be going out tonight to make the trails tip top for weekend riders. Come on up-the trails are fantastic.

ITS 89 North – Trails are nice and flat, hard packed. Just watch for areas where the groomer has filled in water spots.

ITS 89 South Trail conditions are very good.

ITS 88 to Rockwood Conditions are still good, reports are coming in favorable. Just watch for water holes.

Border Riders North Is in very good condition.

Some reminders:

➡ Sled dog races are this weekend I will keep you posted as to what trails will be effected.

➡ Again, remember do not snowmobile on plowed roads, especially Bald Mountain and use caution on the Rockwood trail signs are still being placed.

➡ ALL SMALL ENGINES: Be sure and pick up a bottle of Marine Sta-bil, for example. Used for ethanol problem fighter as an additive to gas.

Extra Corrosion Protection & Fuel System Cleaning
For Optimal, Everyday Performance & Protection
Recommended to be used at Every Fill Up, Not Just for Seasonal Storage
Over FOUR TIMES the Fuel System Cleaner in Regular STA-BIL
Use in ALL 2 & 4-cycle marine engines, in gasoline, gasoline/oil
mixtures and ethanol blends

Personally, I, Tami, do not quite understand all this but you do not want your snowmobile engine to cease up. Check with your local auto parts for more information before gasing up.

Todays Calendar Winner for the Border Riders Club Raffle

1/7 – Bill Barker of Jackman $ 250.00