Jackman Trail report 12-30-08

Snowmobile Trail Updates Thanks Missy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 12:43 PM

ITS 89 North – Groomers went last night and will go again tonight. One note of caution, at the end of Hannafords bog (after the airport) just before the dump road there is an open water hole. We have filled it in as best as we can, but use caution.

ITS 89 South Groomer went last night and will go out tonight. Trail conditions are very good.

ITS 88 to Rockwood Groomer will go to Rockwood tonight. Conditions are still good,reports are coming in favorable. Just watch for water holes.

Border Riders North Groomer will groom tonight. Should be in good condition.

In Town Trails Groomers will go out tonight, they should be in decent condition.

Again, remember do not snowmobile on plowed roads, especially Bald Mountain and use caution on the Rockwood trail signs are still being placed.

Also, The trail maps should be completed for 2009 this week but in case you do not get one, just follow the signs. Last years map is still pretty accurate EXCEPT ITS 88 off of ITS89 North to Pittston. That trail no longer goes on Bald Mountain. And there are loggers out there so please, watch for signs on the trails.

If you are coming up for New Years, have a safe trip

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