Jackman Trail report 12-28-08

We are lucky to receive daily trail updates from the Missy who works with the Border Riders Club. Below is her report from today. Trail maps will not be available until next week so I have heard. Also, due to the tree harvesting around bald mountain, the trail is different so it is a much longer ride to Pittston Farm. Just something to keep in mind until the maps and signage is completed.
Snowmobile Trail Updates Friday, December 28, 2008
9:28 am
ITS 89 North – Groomers did not go last night, due to the rain. Imagine there is still plenty of snow. Will update you as soon as I hear something. They did break the border open on the 26th, so it is groomed to the border.

ITS 89 South I-m sure plenty of snow, but watch for open water holes.

ITS 88 to Rockwood Not sure – should be ok will update you as soon as I hear something. Oh, please remind riders that the signage is really poor, and looking for someone to go sign the trail.

Border Riders North Should be in good condition.

In Town Trails If anything this is the place where the snow will be thin. The groomer did make it thru the bog on 12/25 so, it should be ok.

Report that Canada is groomed, Rockwood open, Piston open, Bulldog open. I imagine everything is in good condition, as I have not heard anything bad.

Also, just to let everyone know there is a local trail thru John-s to Cedar Ridge, which you could do a loop, it is being maintained privately.

Just again, remember do not snowmobile on plowed roads, especially Bald Mountain and use caution on the Rockwood trail signs are still being placed.

Not sure if the groomers will go out tonight or tomorrow, the rain probably just settled the snow. Thankful that the sun it out today and the rain has passed.

PS – Please post somewhere that groomers have the right of way and snowmobilers should use caution especially at night after 8 – as we have already had an incident with a snowmobiler and the groomer (not nice for the groomer driver to be scared out of his mind!) (thankfully no one was hurt)