Pre Christmas Snow Storm 08

3pm As promised earlier in the original post, here are some pictures from first thing this morning.


This one picture below-poor Murphy had no where to go pee. The snow was just too deep for her to get out there to do her thing. SO she went in the snow on the deck. At this point, snow is snow right? It does not matter where it is.


9am I am sure all of you know that a Nor-easter hit Maine last night. WOW ❗ It started here around 4ish yesterday and by midnight, it was almost to the top of our gas grill on the deck and 3/4 way up the deck rails. We really should-ve started clean up last night. Somewhere along the night, the winds started so this morning, there is not only about 3 feet of snow (hard to tell exactly what fell) but also some 5 foot drifts in our driveway.

I just looked at our web-cam and it is really hard to tell or for you to see the amount of snow out there but trust me, there is a lot. I did try to get some camera shots but the snow is just too deep to get out there but I will upload a couple later on today agter we get some snow moved.

The snowmobile trails were already in decent shape as of last week and many were up to ride. After this storm, riding is going to be fantastic. If you like to ice fish, there are quite a few ice shacks out on Big Wood Lake so even though some parts of the lake may not be thick, it must be safe enough in others.
We still have a couple cabins open for New years so give us a call.