Deer Season 2008 almost at end

Well this is the end of the 3rd week of deer season and many of the hunters this week were discouraged. This week was incredibly cold, about 20 but a chill factor of about 1. The winds were brutal here on the lake but even worse up in the mountains. Even though we did have some snow, it was not enough. Every step they made was a nice crunching sound.
Some hunters said it was just too cold: said the deer were not roaming about. Other said it was too noisy to walk out in the woods and then some said there are no bucks at all ❗
Well, coming soon, I will post proof of at least one 8 point buck roaming these woods! (besides of course, all those tagged at Bishops Store) One of our guests had the high tech outdoor infrared cameras. They mounted them for the week in 2 different spots. He could not look at all of them but did see a gorgeous 8 point buck on a few shots. He promises to send me the shots which I will post to PROVE there are still some big bucks in the region.

One other thing that they all seem to be saying is they are seeing so many Moose, fox, Minx, families of Raccoons, and other wildlife that they never saw before. SO even though they did not get their buck, they had a great time and appreciated seeing all the other wildlife that they had maybe never seen before.