I think Winter has arrived 11-17-08

WOW ❗ The winds last night were incredible. (We really need to get a wind gauge around here – Christmas is coming 😉 )

Anyhow, I was sitting in the living room watching the Steelers – San Diego game in Pittsburgh, (It was snowing there ❗ ), being very disappointed in the Steelers by half time. Then 2nd half began and they stated to show their true self and wouldn-t you know it, there went the power. I should have counted on that happening as it was really blowing hard.I was the first call to notify CMP but thee were already about 20 towns out of power by 6:15. The power came back on about 8ish but the game was over. I had to call a friend to find out the score-the lat few minutes were really good they said Sorry I missed it 🙁

So today although the sun is out, there is still a brisk breeze and it is about 20 outside. BURRR ❗