Gas prices

I was talking to my nephew the other night who lives in Arizona. This summer, when the gas prices were so high, he and his wife (who work at the same place) worked out a schedule so that they could drive to and from work together to save on gas.
Well now the the gas prices are lower, they are not working as hard at the carpool idea. Why is that? Why can-t they, as well as everyone, work a little harder to conserve energy, produce less pollution, and in fact, spend more time with each other? I-d like to get on my soap box too about spending time with another instead of playing games on a computer or watching TV but that is another entry.

With all that is going on, not only with financial stuff and wars, but also in the world…we cannot have that wasteful attitude anymore.

I gave my nephew my piece of mind but I doubt he listened to me. But I hope someone does. If 1 out of maybe 5 persons carpools with someone or tries to do something to conserve a little energy, what a better world it could be for the next generation at least. This soapbox has ended!