Winter arrives October 29, 2008

Well I think winter has arrived. BRRR is was cold today. The fact that I had my winter parka on AND gloves has to say something as to the temperature as I am always warm. Those women who are over “39” 😆 will understand this.

The thermometer read about 36 but the chill factor had to be way below that. We also had some snow flurries but not enough to stick.

October 2008 QUOTES from our Guests

October 28
Just wanted to say thanks again for the excellent accommodations in our cabin this past weekend. It made our most recent stay in Jackman very enjoyable indeed:!: Andi & Charlie cabin #4

October 28
“As advertised, Cozy Cove Cabins, specifically the Baja had all the comforts and amenities of home. It was good meeting you both and our group appreciated your hospitality. We are already talking about booking our next trip up to Jackman.”
Luke Cabin 3

October 27
We used to go to Minnesota for our annual hunting trip but this is so much better. Plane flights are so expensive now and we could not take our own pillows, had to get taxi-s, had to take our own pots and pans. Here, we have everything we need in this cabin and only a short drive away. (Plus we could bring our dogs:) ) The cabin is great. I have been sleeping better here then I do at home ❗ “Don-t tell my wife” 😉
Bill Cabin #1

October 14
Hazel, Eva & Jackie arrived in late afternoon. All being in our late 70s, we were a little tired. Next day, having come for a little partridge hunting we went out to see what we could see. No partridge but Eva found a big pile of moose droppings and brought them to Hazel in her bare hands, as a gift. In the evening we played domino-s, skip Bo and Phase 10. We loved Baja

October 10
We came up for our last ride of the year before putting away our ATV-s. What a great time. The weather was perfect and so was this cabin. I cannot believe we never found Cozy Cove Cabins before. This place is wonderful. Our cabin was charming and comfy and clean. You guys are doing a great job. We cannot wait to get back again next year.

October 28, 2008

We have had an incredible last couple days in Jackman. It has been about 50, skies were clear and bright, the lake was calm, the sun was out.
This morning, it is drizzling rain and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Our hunters coming in for the first week of deer season will like that 😀

NEW WEBCAM snapshot uploads

We have also added another category to our blog labeled,”MAINE WEBCAM”. Occasionally, when we see something incredible from the webcam, we will save a snapshot and upload it to our blog. Here is the first of what I believe will be many.
Now in the Fall, the sun has moved, obviously, and our sunsets are right in front of our cabins, just to the left of the cam. Last night, the sunset was pretty intense as it refl;ected off the crystal clear lake. I waited until it went down a little and took this one. ENJOY ❗

Jackman Weather Report

We have added a new category “WEATHER” to our bloggie. Since many times we want to include photos as to what is really happening here with the weather at Cozy Cove, we thought this is a better place to do this. So if the WEBCAM does not give you enough info, come on over here. If it is worth talking about, it will be here. Start thinking SNOW ❗ ❗

Partridge Limit 2008

In my last entry about this years Partridge hunting, many hunters are either not seeing any, or seeing them but not getting. These guys got their limit today, some of them “on the fly” ❗


This shot was taken after they started cleaning them so what they are holding is not all of them. And sorry, the sun was bright at that time and I do not know how to fix that. My photographer friend undoubtedly will have something to say about this.

First report of SNOW?

The leaves are all gone from the trees and today, we are finishing up the last of the fall clean up.

We heard on the news this morning that the first snowfall is in the forecast for morning. I know it will not stay but snow? in October?

Well, the hunters will love it.

Gas prices

I was talking to my nephew the other night who lives in Arizona. This summer, when the gas prices were so high, he and his wife (who work at the same place) worked out a schedule so that they could drive to and from work together to save on gas.
Well now the the gas prices are lower, they are not working as hard at the carpool idea. Why is that? Why can-t they, as well as everyone, work a little harder to conserve energy, produce less pollution, and in fact, spend more time with each other? I-d like to get on my soap box too about spending time with another instead of playing games on a computer or watching TV but that is another entry.

With all that is going on, not only with financial stuff and wars, but also in the world…we cannot have that wasteful attitude anymore.

I gave my nephew my piece of mind but I doubt he listened to me. But I hope someone does. If 1 out of maybe 5 persons carpools with someone or tries to do something to conserve a little energy, what a better world it could be for the next generation at least. This soapbox has ended!

Partidge Hunting

Most of our guests so far have seen a lot of Partridge but have not been “lucky” at getting them. That is part of hunting. The other day, I saw our 3 ladies, all in the late 70-s, all fully clad in hunting gear: bright orange hats and vests, rifles in hand go out for their day of partridge hunting. “I know of a few good spots” I went about my work here and about an hour or so later, they returned with a 12 pack and a bag of groceries. I chuckled to myself a little…that-s my kind of hunting. If you read our guest journal entries, I just added their entry from the weekend. Lovely ladies!