September 2008 QUOTES from our Guests

September 3-7
Our reason for coming to Jackman was to visit relative…but we did so much more. We took drives into the hills. We saw wildlife including my first moose ❗ ❗ and we met many wonderful people. At the end of each day we came back to our tiny warm and wonderfully decorated cabin and rested. Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven. PS Brindle says thank you to Murphy for being a fun playmate. Janet & Dennis from Michigan in Cabin #6

September 7
Eagle-s Nest and Cozy Cove are the quintessential (I need to look up that word) cabins. We drove up from Kennebunk and immediately fell in love with this place. Took a hike to Moxie Falls, drove to Quebec City to celebrate 400 years of European settlement. This part of Maine is beautiful and wild compared to Southern Maine. Saw 2 eagles fly over the lake this morning to bid us farewell. Thank you for keeping a place like this so special.
Ward and Chris Cabin 4

September 9
We arrived with only the intention of staying one night but ended up staying 2. What a wonderful area. The lake and the weather were beautiful. Quiet and peaceful. Went out on ATVs rented from MAXX-S for 5 hours-had a wonderful time. Only disappointment-we did not see a moose.
Jack & Tina from Cincinnati, Ohio Cabin #8

September 13
Our lives took a hectic turn this year so for our 34th anniversary, we looked for a place where we could relax, slow down and just be together. We opened the door and just smiled at one another-PERFECT ❗ Warm, comfortable and romantic. You two have done a lovely job ❗
Joe & Sherry from Rogue Bluffs Maine in Cabin #6

September 14
Got up early and went 4 wheeling. We had a great time. Got back and tried the BIGWOOD STEAKHOUSE-great food.We would go back. These cabins are so cute and clean. Thank you for a wonderful stay.
Scott and Cecelia (20th anniversary) in Cabin #8