August 2008 QUOTES from our Guests

August 9
We really enjoyed our time here in Zakopane-what a perfect choice for our Polish heritage:!: It was nice and cozy. We particularly go a kick out of the little picture of the pope ❗ 😀 Although we wish we could-ve seen a bit more sun, watching all the little members of the family play in the mud made the NON STOP RAIN a bit more tolerable. Saw a couple coyotes and a moose. Also got up to Canada for a day. Can-t wait to return.
Jim & Danielle in Cabin #6

August 17 – I believe this was written Cate?
For half of the week it was rainy, the other half it was sunny. We went looking for moose. We saw 15 of them. @ of them were baby-s. We went trout fishing and caught 8 trout are biggest was 8 inches. We also caught crayfish and eat them too. We love you Tami and Steve ❗
Joe, Lisa, ALex, Kyle, Chris and Cate

August 20
We-re getting ready to leave. It has been a wonderful few days in Jackman. We came here to get away from the city and spend time together before college starts. I made Emily breakfast and she made me dinner. I definitely wish it was a longer stay but it was nice to get away from everything.
Matt & Emily in Cabin #8

August 24
We had spent the day in Quebec and were hoping to find a cabin on the water. As we pulled into town we asked a man and he suggested Cozy Cove Cabins. We were delighted to find you. We have stayed in many cabins during our 45 years of marriage and have found yours truly delightful:!: At sunset we sat on the shore and enjoyed the view along with the breeze. You have a great place. If I lived here I would never want to leave.Thank you for your hospitality ❗
Carla & Gary in Cabin #6

August 29
Was headed to Moosehead and decided to stop here. Looking around”can really appreciate all you have done here. All then little touches are great and the bed felt so nice.
Nancy & Dave in Cabin #8

August 29
Thank you for the nice stay. We were not in the camp much but the cabin was nice. We had a great time on the ATV trails. We kept taking a wrong turn but each time we turned around to go the other way, we saw something. First we saw a bear at the bottom of a hill. Then we had to turn around on Fish Pond Trail because of deep water, we jumped a mother moose and calf. Good luck with your remod4eling. What you have done is great. Take Care ❗
John & Elaine from Auburn in Cabin #6