An aerial view of Jackman

Last week, our friends (& repeat guests of Cozy Cove Cabins) asked me to join them on a scenic plane ride at sunset. I could not pass this up. This was my first tour of the region from the air and OH MY GOD 😯 was it incredible.

It was actually a bit difficult to get any great photos with the camera but below are a few I did get that you may enjoy.


#1 This I believe is the Moose River that leads into Attean. I think 😕 But look how lush the trees are and this river just meandering through it all 🙂
#2 This is the beginning of Jackman before you cross the tracks. You can see the Catholic church and the town hall plus Big Wood Lake with Attean in the background.


#3 is a shot of sunset as we came up from Rockwood. I believe this is Long Pond in the distance.
#4 is Celie and Kevin and our pilot Jim.

Until you see this region from the air you have no idea how incredible it is. Next time though, I will take a map, not only to get a perspective of where we are but also to mark what I am taking a picture of. 😆