Big Wood Lake Ice out

We should start a little poll here to see if anyone can determine ICE OUT on Big Wood Lake this year.

If you have been reading the entries, there is much talk about the amount of snow we have had and STILL have.BUT I have not talked about the frozen lake. And we are heading toward spring, I think!

The Lake has been frozen and safe since late December. I have not seen many trucks out this year but that may be because of the amount of snow on shore and on the lake. But I know it is thick.Last weekend, Steve went out in front of our place to drill a hole for a guest and his auger went all the way in before it hit water…so is that about 3 feet?

Taking in consideration the snow and the ice thickness this year, I wonder when the ice will go out? Leave me a comment as to your prediction. Whomever gets it ON THE MARK, wins. I am not sure what you win except for the acknowledgment:lol:

I will help you out a little too by giving you the last 4 year dates.

Year-Ice out Date-Inches of snow
2003 -May 3 -104.00
2004 -April 30 66.00
2005 -May 3 – 123.00
2006 -April 20 – 53.00
2007 -May 9 -65.00 – WOW – that is only up to December 31, 2007

Do you see a pattern here ❓