Jackman still has SNOW

While most of the northeast is dealing with rain, Jackman, of course still has TONS of snow. The Bangor weather station said we were to get 10 inches yesterday. We did not but our friend in Dennistown did. You know what that means:?: The trails will be incredible this week ❗

Photo taken at 9am
Last night the wind started up and today, WOW 😮 …they are really blowing which I am hoping you can see that in this picture. Steve has already plowed most of the drifts that happened over night but the white you see is not a bad picture or lens. It is blowing snow ❗

If you are not on your way up this weekend already, do not put away your snowmobile and gear. Plenty more riding possible in the region. Maybe we will see spring in May 😆

As I was out doing rounds on the cabins just now, I caught a different angle of the blowing snow. Hope you can FEEL the chill ❗